Cadiz, Spain

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

I started this journey on October 14, 2021. After a 25+ hrs trip, I finally made it to my destination, Cadiz.

I decided to stay at a hostel given that I was not sure how long it was going to take me to find an apartment; it was the cheapest and best option! (Will speak about this in depth in the next page).

This photo is right outside of the hostel! The streets here fascinate me so much. They are so narrow yet cars drive through them like it is nothing! I was terrified when the cab driver was driving through and speeding through the people in the streets!!

There are different types of stores and restaurants in these streets also. A lot of these spots are not on Google or Yelp so you kind of have to figure everything out as you go!!

Do you see how small the names of the streets are??? Google maps is an absolute pain to use here, but I learned to embrace the pain. I feel like it has put back the trust I lost in myself from relying on my iPhone so much! Living here has helped strengthen my sense of direction drastically.

This photo was taken on a Saturday at 8:30am. I woke up thinking I would have to wait in line to eat breakfast, but I was wrong. You see in LA at this time, you'll definitely be stuck in traffic but not in Spain. This place was a ghost town! A lot of the local shops don't even open on the weekends, and the places that do open do so at 9am-10am every single day.

What I absolutely love is that around 3am every night, the streets are thoroughly swept and washed which makes you feel like it rained in the morning.

This was my very first breakfast here which took me so long to find. I notice that a lot of people here enjoy having pastries and coffee for breakfast which I am all for but a girl needs her eggs and bacon!!

This delicious meal cost €6??? Ummmh?? LA could never!!!!!!!! Although the bacon was not the traditional type that I am used to but I did not mind.

I drank Cafe con leche which is simply coffee with milk. I have come to the conclusion that cafe con leche is the equivalent of the iced coffee we habitually buy from Starbucks on the daily! People drink this all day every day. It costs somewhere between €1-€1.50. YUM!

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