I broke up with a man and impulsively submitted an application to teach English in Spain

Spain was a country I always dreamt of visiting ever since I was a little girl. Even though I had no idea what it really looked like, I once watched a Flamenco performance on TV and it sort of just stuck with me. Ever since, I always felt like Spain was one of those places that I wanted to see and thought it had a pleasant ring to its name.

Come high school, I started looking into gap year, volunteering opportunities and different majors I might have found interest in. I stumbled upon an English teaching opportunity which required me to have a Bachelor's Degree; I thought, "eh out of the equation.." and moved on.

Fast forward to graduating University of California San Diego with a Bachelor's in Political Science with the emphasis of Public Law, I swooshed by the idea of going to Law School; it never felt like it was for me. Instead of pursuing a grand future for the wrong reasons, I decided to allow myself to give little girl me her dream. At the end of the day I believe that God plants the seeds of the future in our hearts and it is our duty to water those seeds to fruition.

Finally, when the time came for me to stand through the storm of leaving a man that I have the most love for, I did not invest in cutting or dying my hair (at least not right away..), I impulsively submitted an application to interview for an English teaching job in Spain. I might have not done anything with my degree but at least it helped me get here, so thanks student loans!

On this blog I will be sharing places I will be traveling to, fascinating facts, and places I'll stay!

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