Exploring my new home with new friends/Cathedral

Naturally the first thing you want to do in your new city is explore it! There is only so much google images can show you. I sort of blindly got into coming to Cadiz as I was placed in Andalusia and that is pretty much all I knew until I got my school placement.

At first I was planning on living a walking radius from my job which I then realized I did not want to because it is such a small city. I decided that I wanted to live 18 miles away instead because this is the prettiest area here and is the closest to a big city. Cadiz reminds me of San Diego because it is on the coast and the sunsets are as pretty as the La Jolla sunsets and that is very comforting to me. So yey Cadizzzzzzz <3

During my first week at the Hostel, I had the pleasure of rooming with two beautiful souls. Linda from Germany; she was a very reserved sweet girl that you might think is shy but will also sting you when necessary. Razvan from Romania, a very outgoing guy with a sassy personality but you can tell has a very good heart!

After 5 minutes of meeting, thanks to Razvan we decided we were going to get drinks. We got

Tinto de Verano which by the way I am obsessed with and Razvan got us a platter of seafood. We got to know each other that night and I just knew that they were going to be stored in "the most precious memories" tab.


We decided to go to the Cadiz Cathedral the next day which was overwhelmingly beautiful.

It was €5 to get in to explore the inside of the cathedral and to go all the way on top for a view of the city.

I know nothing about architecture but my eyes like pretty things and THIS IS PRETTY! You can tell they don't make them like this anymore. When I looked at the details, it was difficult to not get lost.

The cathedral had different stations with displays and audio explaining what each stage meant. If you enjoy history and architecture, this is definitely the place to be and luckily, almost every city in Spain you go to has a cathedral or a castle rich in history and culture.

I took a million photos of the inside of the Cathedral; this is all I'll be sharing but if you insist, I can email you the rest :p

Views from the top of the cathedral

El Fin

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