Planeta Cadiz Hostel

I decided to stay at a hostel since I was unsure how long it was going to take me to find an apartment here. There is an app/website called Idealista where people post vacant rooms, apartments, studios and homes. Even though I had been searching while in LA, it was advised to not sign any contracts until I was physically in Spain.

I stayed at Planeta Cadiz Hostel and it was the most beautiful hostel I had ever been to!

No I did not get paid to advertise this place, I just loved it so much.

I ended up staying here for two weeks and was paying €21 a night which to the hostel standards in Cadiz, it is a bit pricy. You can easily find €16/night but it is just not the same!

What made me stay here was not only the beauty but the cleanliness! The hostel always smelled like cleaning products and if you're from a middle eastern household like me, you'll definitely find comfort in the smell of the bleach, amongst other cleaning products.

There is someone at the front desk 8am-1am and after that, they have this cool monitor by the door which allows you to check yourself in which I thought was very cool.

The room I was staying in had four bunkbeds. I really appreciated the privacy curtains as well as the lockers below. There was a a shared bathroom/shower in the room. They changed the towels and cleaned the room every day!

They changed my bed sheets and covers once a week which I think is quite reasonable.

I loved this kitchen so much! Often times I would go up to cook and there would be other people cooking and hanging out. I made most of my friends at the hostel in this kitchen. I guess food does really bring people together!

Every room had their own little box where one could store bread and dry goods.

I am a little regretful I did not take more photos of this place, but if you are ever in Cadiz and want a beautiful stay, look up Planeta Cadiz Hostel on Hostelworld or You should compare the prices because sometimes one site would have it cheaper than the other. If you could, I suggest booking the room at the hostel because some websites charge extra to get their cut.

If you hate the shared room idea, This hostel also has private rooms!

You get your own light, shelf and outlet!

Do not sell my foot on the internet.

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