Trip to Malaga

Hey besties!

I took this solo trip a month ago and it was an interesting one. Malaga is three hours away from Cadiz which I took a blablacar to get to. Blablacar is pretty much a shared ride. People usually post they're driving to a certain destination and you can ride with them for a sum of money. So far, it has been the cheapest option for traveling to nearby cities. It cost me €15 to get to Malaga.

Malaga felt like the NewYork of South of Spain, although I have not fully explored Andalusia much yet, but I got that feeling while I was there. It definitely is a bigger city that Cadiz, and I could tell that it is quite influenced by countries like the U.S. which I liked because it felt a little bit closer to home.

My hostel check-in wasn't until 3pm so I did a little bit of walking around, and my first stop was at the pharmacy because your girl had a HORRIBLE cold that lasted for an entire month. I am not sure which was worse, getting sick for that long or having to explain that my throat was hurting in Spanish. It is safe to say Google Translate let me down that day. I ended up with vitamins that did absolutely nothing for my well being.

Second little stop was getting food. They had amazing seafood options but then I saw that they had chicken wing tapas and that's what I chose! In this case, a tapa would have 4 chicken wings rather than a meal of 12 wings. This tapa was €2.50 and these wings did not disappoint. I also had a a plate of French fries for €1.50, so that was my very healthy lunch that day.

After checking in, I took a very much needed nap and then my friend Ant was waiting for me to catch up and grab dinner. I met Ant in LA and as soon as I got to Spain I learned that he had moved to Malaga over the summer; small world hey!! We grabbed drinks, walked around, and laughed; it was much needed. Ant, if you're reading this, thank you for being my friend<3

I got home at 8pm that day, and had no intention of socializing or going out because Idid not feeling like making friends from the hostel; the energy of the people felt a little off for me. Instead I bought alcohol, drank on the couch and watched Netflix.

I had an early start the next day, but as we all know the options are quite limited when it comes to an 8am breakfast in Spain. I ended up finding a really cute spot in city center and ordered the eggs, bacon, salad, coffee, and orange juice combo for €8. It also came with a side of bread, butter and jam. It was a great breakfast!

After breakfast I did a little bit of walking as everything was starting to slowly open up, and captured some photos.

What I love about every new city I visit in Spain is that the streets all look so similar but the air feels so different everywhere you go.

What separated Malaga for me is that it is definitely more modern than anywhere I have been to in this country so far. Even their stores are very similar to the stores in the U.S. but no Sephora so far!!

I slowly made my way through a long hike up to Castillo De Gibralfaro. I had read plenty of nice things as my friends also suggested that this was a must go to spot. If you ever plan on going here in the morning just know you would soon need to take your jackets off and please wear comfortable shoes to hike!

Even though I am not a fan of hiking, this one was so special because the view was breathtaking. I could not stop myself from taking photos.

Castillo De Gibralfaro is a castle that overlooks Malaga and the Mediterranean Sea. I am not going to go in depth with the historical aspect of this castle given the fact that I did not feel like listening to the audios that day. I was infatuated by the nature and how much of a work of art it was.

Hiking up and being able to see these views was free but to get into the castle was €10. Although, I lied and said that I was a student, luckily the person at the door didn't ask for my student ID but she did want to check my visa. I got away with the student discount therefore paying €5. You can sometimes get away with it simply because you're under 25, but if you're just a tourist, I am not sure what the chances are for that to be possible.

The views were pretty cool to check out from within the castle as the architecture of the building was impressively detailed and old.

After this hike, I just carried on taking more photos as I walked through the city and checking out the tourist attractions and souvenir stores! I would definitely like to come back to Malaga to explore further. The cold I had definitely influenced my stay as I was not well enough to further explore. Malaga definitely has much more to offer as a city!

These lights are insanely beautiful during Christmas time!

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